How export pet foot,feed and feed additives to China? Assessment now!


《Guide for Pet Food Exported to China V2.0》 New Release

 Recently,  Ring One (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. and the Pet Industry Working the China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association - Pet Industry Commitee jointly released the Guide for Pet Food Exported to China V2.0. The instruction manual analyzes the current situation and development trend of China's pet food market in details, and analyzes the relevant qualifications of pet food export to China, so as to facilitate domestic importers and foreign suppliers to understand the Chinese market and relevant laws and regulations in-depth and escort the road of pet food to China.

    China's pet food market is currently in a stage of rapid development. From the initial stage to the present, the market scale has continued to expand, from 14 billion Chinese yuan in 2010 to more than 100 billion Chinese yuan in 2020, with a compound growth rate of more than 20% in 10 years. Pet food accounts for the largest proportion, accounting for more than 30%. Up to now, China's pet food market exceeds 44 billion, which includes three categories: staple food, snacks, and health products. Hence, makes Chinas pet food market  a must-have to many foreign pet food brands. 
    At present, overseas pet food manufacturing countries allowed to export to China include Thailand, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Uzbekistan, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand, and Australia. Among the listed countries, New Zealand is the only country allowed to export pet food to China without applying for factory registration. For further details, please contact Ring One Technical Consulting Co., Ltd.
    Despite meeting the standards for overseas pet food manufacturers, to appear on the list of General Administration of Customs China for factory registration.  it is also necessary to have the product registration certificate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs( MARA license). According to the Regulations on the Management of Pet Feed of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, pet food is divided into three categories: combined feed (staple food), additive premixed feed (health care products, etc.), and other pet feed (snacks, etc.). Among them, the premixed feed with feed and additives needs to apply for the MARA import registration certificate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, while other pet feed, such as snacks, does not need it.
     In addition to the above-mentioned two qualifications process to export pet food to China, the customs also implements a strict inspection and quarantine system to increase the safety and order for  China's pet food market.
     In the pet food industry, the brand plays a vital role in guiding consumers and expanding market share. According to the provisions of China's Trademark Law, only registered trademarks are protected by law. When selling pet food to  China, the Chinese label generally needs to reflect the Chinese name. Therefore, it is very necessary to register Chinese names in China, otherwise once registered by other pet food companies, they cannot be used.

     The above key contents about pet food export to China can be obtained in detail from the Guide for Pet Food Exported to China V2.0.