How export food,pet food,feed and feed additives to China? Assessment now!

About Us

About Us

Company Profile:

Ring One (Beijing) Technology Consulting Limited (Ring One for short)  was established in 2007. It is a solution provider for global companies exporting feed, pet food, feed additives, and food to China. As of 2021, Ring One has provided services to more than 1,000 companies worldwide.

We mainly provide technical consulting, training, and regulations service of GACC access and MARA for global companies who export pet food, feed ingredients and feed additives、food to China. We help enterprises understand the relevant laws and regulations, as well as product evaluation, producttesting, on-site review and risk assessment. 

Ringone one-stop consulting service improve the registration effectively and shorten the access time greatly.Ring one Headquartered in Beijing, and is also running in Tianjin, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Cheng du. Our service team include senior lawyers、inspection、quarantine personneland agricultural experts. 

What We Do

As required by Chinese customs regulations, all feed, feed additives, and food exported to China from overseas suppliers/manufacturers need to be registered according to different products, levels, and requirements implemented by the General Administration of Customs of China ( GACC) which is the government’s body responsible for product and enterprise registration access.

According to the provision of import feed and feed additives registration measures from the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China indicate “ The first time foreign enterprises export feed and feed additives to China should apply and get registration license issued by Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs China ( MARA) otherwise they will not be allowed to sell and use the product in China”  Also like the new “measure” required for overseas enterprises to apply for Import registration for their products shall entrust an authorized agent in China to handle the registration on their behalf. 

Relying on our professional team and extensive social resources, At Ring One we provide product market analysis, product formulation evaluation, GACC and MARA compliance registration, and channels for imported pet food, feed ingredients, compound feed, and feed additives to enter the Chinese market. Also, we provide service for brand docking, trademark and intellectual property protection, corporate training and brand promotion, etc., to help companies' feed products enter China quickly and effectively improve product competitiveness !

Development Process


King One Company Ltd was founded in 2007 by Mr. Li Shuanghua


We helped more than 200 international enterprises all around the world to obtain China's access and registration.


As we grow we set branches in different cities around China Huangzhou Guangzhou, Qingdao, and Shanghai. 


Ring One Consulting Ltd was founded, specializing in GACC access and product registration of imported feed and feed additives to China.


Ring One has been regarded to achieve good results and well reputation in the imported feed access and registration industry in China


Ring One released the "Guide for Pet Food Exported to China V1.0", and has accumulated more than 400 products' MARA registration and GACC access services for more than 20 companies.


Ring One released the "Guide for Pet Food Exported to China V 2.0", and guide so many overseas enterprises to have a better understanding for Chinese market and regulations or laws .