How export pet foot,feed and feed additives to China? Assessment now!

About Us

About Us

Ring One (Beijing) Technology Consulting Ltd (Ring One for short) is a national consulting agency which is specialized in imported feeds and feed additives access. We mainly provide technical consulting, training, and regulations service of GACC access and MARA for global companies who export feed, feed ingredients and additives to China. We help enterprises understand the relevant laws and regulations, as well as product evaluation, producttesting, on-site review and risk assessment. Ringone one-stop consulting service improve the registration effectively and shorten the access time greatly.Ring one Headquartered in Beijing, and is also running in Tianjin, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Netherlands and USA. Our service team include senior lawyers. inspection. quarantine personneland agricultural experts. The services of products covering pet feed, dry food, canned, snacks, and all kinds of raw materials and feed additives.

According to "the inspection and quarantine supervision and administration method of import and export feed and feed additives " from The general administration of quality inspection and quarantine(AQSIQ): "AQSIQ shall implement a registration system for the production enterprises in the countries or regions that allow the import of feed, and the imported feed shall come from the overseas production enterprises registered in the registration ". In April 2018, AQSIQ was merged into the GACC

According to the provisions of "import feed and feed additives registration management measure" from the ministry of agriculture: "For the first time, foreign enterprises who export feed and feed additives to China should apply and get registered license from the ministry of agriculture. Otherwise they are not allowed to sell and use their products ". In addition, the new "measures" stipulates in the fourth paragraph that: "If an overseas enterprise applies for import registration, it shall entrust an agency within China to deal with it."

Development Process


Mr.LiShuanghuafouded King one in April, 2007


We help more than 200 international enterprises obtain China's access and registration.


We set branches in Hang-zhou. Guangzhou. Qingdao. Shanghai, , etc


Founding Ring One, specialized in acess and registration of imported feeds and feed additives


Ring One has achieved good results and reputation in the imported feed access and registration industry.


Ring One released the "Guide for Pet Food Exported to China V1.0", and has accumulated more than 400 products' MARA registration and GACC access services for more than 20 companies.