MOA Registration Necessary Files For Feed
    发布时间: 2017-12-29 15:19    

The scope of MOA registration includes pet food, feed raw materials, feed additives, etc

Necessary files:
1.Reference to"the import of feed and feed additive registration application materialslist"
2.The application materials in English, Chinese before, and English in the back;In Hong Kong and Macao special administrative region andTaiwan's application for registration, only offer simplified Chinese character application materials.The application materials in duplicate.
3.The application materials of the official documents issued by producer's official language, issued by the non-english speaking countries(regions) of the official documents should also provide translation in English or Chinese.
4.The original application materials using productionenterprise head paper issued, signed by the head of production enterprises andbe sealed;Chinese translation issued by the agency in China and be sealed.
5.Chinese translation use A4 size paper, small three tahomasize printing, content is clear, clean, no altered
6.The application materials according to the order of theschedule a binder, mark the page number and form a directory, use obviousdistinguish between various materials.Binding process, and may not break up theofficial documents
7.Not approved before, resubmitted material shall provide thecopy of the notice of the ministry of agriculture comprehensive administrativeexamination and approval office should, with modifications
8.Must not be entrained in the material has nothing to do with the application of information.