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Introduction of Legal Services
RINGONE (Beijing) Technology Consulting Ltd. teams up with RRDS LAW OFFICES to develop various legal services for enterprises of pet food, feed and additives.
Established in 2005, RRDS LAW OFFICES is a partnership one approved by the national department of judicial administration. At present, the firm has nearly 100 lawyers and staff members, most of whom are graduated from famous domestic law schools, with consolidated legal theoretical foundation and rich practical experience,
enjoying a high reputation in the industry. At the same time, many members have worked in justice, administration, universities, scientific research institutions and various economic sectors, and returned from the United States, the United Kingdom,Canada, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and other regions. High-quality lawyers enable RRDS LAW OFFICES to have a more comprehensive and profound cultural level and knowledge structure, which can meet the clients’ needs for complex professional service.
Being highly professional in the industry of import feed and additives, pet food,meat and aquatic products, import food, etc., familiar with the industry regulations and trade rules, and in a good communication with various authorities, as well as with rich experience in corporate legal affairs, intellectual property rights, investment and
acquisition and other fields, RRDS LAW OFFICES can provide perennial legal issues and special legal services for foreign enterprises in China and domestic agents,platforms and distributors.
Services include:
(1) Legal consultancy and training services: To answer the legal questions raised by enterprises concerning their operation, management and business, including access,registration, sales and compliance of import product, in accordance with the laws and regulations of China and the industry requirements, as well as the company's internal
management, labor disputes, and to provide legal, regulatory and risk prevention training as required.(2) Legal instrument service: to draft, review and revise all kinds of contracts,agreements, statements, memoranda, letters of intent, power of attorney and other legal instruments for enterprises, and to assist enterprises to formulate various rules and regulations; according to the needs of the enterprise, to issue the "Legal Opinion"or “Lawyer's Letter” .
(3) Rights protection of trademarks and intellectual property: to offer suggestions on trademark registration for enterprises, and to provide legal relief for the infringement of the trademarks; to make complaints, legal proceedings and claims, on behalf of the entrusting enterprise, against other enterprises for counterfeiting,
trademark infringement and other acts .
(4) Participating in business negotiations: if necessary, to participate in business negotiations, to negotiate with the other party on behalf the the entrusting company and to mediate disputes.
(5) Protection and confidentiality: to provide legal advice for the protection of enterprises' trademark rights, patent rights, copyrights, trade secrets and proprietary rights, and to assist enterprises in formulating confidentiality system and confidentiality agreement.
(6) Agency service: specially entrusted by the enterprise, to act as an agent to directly deal with the matters which are considered to be handled by a lawyer,including to act for litigation or arbitration and for other non-litigation legal affairs
(7) To Collect domestic and foreign arrears for enterprises; to deal with trade disputes; to review arbitration or litigation documents, and to provide legal basis and suggestions.
(8) Legal investigation service: it means to carry out special legal investigation on enterprises or natural persons designated by party A, and issue the investigation report.
Including: A、to investigate the business registration of enterprises (including the basic information such as enterprise address, legal representative and the existence of the main body); B、 to investigate the detailed information of business registration(annual inspection, branches, investors, etc.); C、 to investigate the holding ofcreditor's rights, investments and assets by commercial entities; D、 to investigate the household registration certificate, marital status, real estate registration and mortgage registration of natural persons.
(9) Criminal risk prevention and entrustment: to prompt the criminal risk that the enterprise may be involved, in accordance with China's criminal laws and combined with industry management requirements, as well as to conduct risk prevention training, analyze the existing compliance issues to avoid criminal liability according to the
needs of the enterprise; to provide timely legal services for the criminal liability already involved.
(10) Enterprise investment and financing services: entrusted by the enterprise to conduct compliance review, legal background investigation and risk warning for foreign investment, and provide legal advice on investment; to provide legal services for enterprise financing.
Minimum annual legal service charge is $8000. Feel free to contact us!