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Impact of Sino-US Economic and Trade Agreement on Pet Food
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1. Main contents involved:

① By February 15th: lift the ban on American pet food containing ruminants; eliminate PCR testing for pet food containing ruminant sources, and for those without ruminant sources, carry out testing if necessary .

② Poultry pet food is allowed to be exported to China

③ Pet food ingredients can come from a third country.

④ 24 new pet food enterprises were added to the customs list within 5 working days.

⑤ Pet food containing beef will be allowed to enter China within one month.

⑥ The newly added pet food enterprises will be in the updated list within 20 working days.

2. Impact :

After this update, the total number of US pet food companies reaches 40. Currently, only three products are allowed to be entered China, one of which is a Chinese brand---- OEM. Therefore, it is expected that in the coming year, most mainstream US brands will quickly enter China and the United States shall become a major exporter.


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