Frequently Asked Questions
 Frequently Asked Questions of Import Feed and Feed Additives

1. Q: Overseas factories want to export feed products to China, what need to be processed?

A: Overseas factories who want to export feed products to China need to apply for REGISITERED LICENSE to Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) and access to Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine(GACC), but what they should do shall be in accordance with specific conditions of their own county and the product.

2.Q:What’s the difference between Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) and Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine(GACC) for the procedure?

A: They are two different supervision departments. It can be said that MOA mainly targets the products and GACC is aimed at overseas factories. Both the LICENSE and Access can be applied at the same time.


3.    Q:Can the canned pet food and pet snacks be imported directly without registration?

A:  The caned pet food and pet snacks are beyond the scope the import registration of MOA, so if it need to provide the proof of MOA when having customs clearance, the company can apply for the “Completion Notice”to certify the food are not belong to the scope of MOA. However, “Permitted List of  Product and Country (Region) for Import Feed and Feed Additives”shall be processed subject to GACC’s provisions.

4.     Q:New Zealand's pet food wants to be exported to China, what should be done?

A: New Zealand's pet food wants to be exported to China, what the factory need is to apply for REGISTERED LICENCE to MOA only. The New Zealand’s pet food is allowed to be imported to China for GACC but it shall gradually complete the registration. Therefore, it is not necessary to file the factory record in GACC.

5.     Q: What need to be done if foreign nutrition products/health care products for animals are exported to China?

A: The MOA does not have the classification of nutrition products or health care products, which can be analyzed according to the ingredients and functions of the products, part of which can be divided into feed additives, and then apply for the REGISTERED LICENSE.


6.     Q: Can traders apply for access to GACC and REGISTERED LICENSE  to MOA?

A: GACC access and MOA license are only for factories, so the traders cannot apply.


7.     Q: As a Shanghai agent, what should we do to import pet wet food from Germany ?

A: The wet food is not required to be registered with MOA,  but it shall apply and enter the GACC’s“Permitted List of Product and Country (Region) for Import Feed and Feed Additives”. And then, Germany is an epidemic area, with some ingredients not accessible, so it is to be evaluated based on the raw materials and ingredients of the product. 

8.     Q: We are an import feed company in Shenzhen, we want to import aquatic feeds (feed of fish and shrimp)from Belgium, what shall be done?

A: The feed of fish and shrimp is generally belong to compound feed, which need to be registered with MOA. Meanwhile, the production enterprises and the products need to be entered in the Permitted List of GACC.

Belgium only has pet food currently in The Permitted List of GACC Belgium, so the aquatic feed need to apply for access as new product.